The RA0086A is an 80 channels LCD driver LSI which is fabricated by low power CMOS high voltage process technology. It can be used either as a COMMON driver or as a SEGMENT driver, by connecting its CS input to VDD or VSS. In segment driver mode, it can be interfaced in 1-bit serial or 4-bit parallel method by the controller. In common driver mode, dual type mode is applicable. And in segment mode application, the power down function reduces power consumption.


Power supply voltage: + 5V ± 10 %, + 3V ± 10%

Supply voltage for display : 6 to 30V (VDD -VEE)

In 80-SEGMENT driver or 80-COMMON driver selection, to set CS-pin voltage is VSS or VDD

4-bit parallel / 1-bit serial data processing (in segment mode)

Single mode / dual mode operation (in common mode)

Power down function (in segment mode)

Applicable LCD duty: 1/64 – 1/256

Interface Driver COM / SEG

High voltage CMOS process