STN Driver/Controller IC

Character/Graphic LCD Driver
The RA8816N is a Dot-Matrix LCD Driver that supports both character and graphic modes. It has a built-in 256K bytes character ROM and 1170 bytes display RAM.
LCD ASCII / Chinese Display
RA8806/03/22 has embedded 512KB font ROM that capable of displaying Chinese, Japanese, English and European characters. Additionally, this chip includes powerful functions such as the ADC touch panel control, contrast control, Key-scan circuit, support display rotation, full-width and bold font characters, this high functionality product contributes to develop efficiency and overall system costs saving.

Product Features
RA8816N supports Traditional Chinese (BIG5), Simplified Chinese (GB) and Japanese (S-JIS) code. It also provides small ASCII (8x8) and big ASCII (8x16) fonts for English, Japanese, European and Latin character. The RA8816N also integrates much powerful hardware that includes contrast adjustment, 4x5 Key-Scan and eight General Purpose I/Os.

  • Built-in 256KB Font ROM: Chinese, S-JIS, English, ASCII, Japanese, Latin
  • Built-in 256 bytes SRAM for Create Font
  • Horizontal / Vertical Scrolling Functions
  • Provide 32-Steps Contrast Adjuster

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Products line
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