• TFT LCD Controller
    Cost Advantage : Support the external font ROM from Genitop Inc. and DMA function
    Advance Functions : Embedded ASCII and ISO-8859 Font ROM, Geometric Drawing Engine, Display Rotation, Font Size Adjustment and display fade in/fade out functions
    Easy Design :Support variety of MCU, improving product time to market
    Market Advantage : Wild application range, competitive edge and long-term supply guarantees
  • STN LCD Controller
    Cost Advantage : No need to use external Display Memory, No need to upgrade MPU, No need to add external ADC
    Advance Functions : Embedded Font ROM、Touch Panel Controller、Contrast controller、Key-scan、Screen Shift 、 Font Size Adjustable
    Easy Design : Shorten the Develop Time
    Market Advantage : Good Choice for Different Resolution of Mono LCD Panel and Long-term supply
    Complete compatible
  • STN Driver/Controller
    Cost Advantage : Low Cost for Development, Support both character and graphic modes, Built-in 256KB Font ROM: Chinese, S-JIS, English, ASCII, Japanese, Latin
  • EV Board / Module
    Market Advantage : Good Choice for Different Resolution of TFT LCD Panel and Long-term supply.