The RA8816N is a Dot-Matrix LCD Driver that supports both character and graphic modes. It has a built-in 256K bytes character ROM and 1170 bytes display RAM. The embedded ROM consists of Chinese (or Japanese for –J product), English and ASCII fonts, and the embedded display RAM supports up to 144x65 dots LCD panel. The RA8816N also provides a scrolling buffer memory for scrolling functions. It supports vertical and horizontal scrolling features, and all of these functions are executed by hardware.

In character mode, the RA8816N supports Traditional Chinese (BIG5), Simplified Chinese (GB) and Japanese (S-JIS) code. The system (MPU) does not need to take a lot of time to show the Chinese or Japanese font in this mode. It also provides small ASCII (8x8) and big ASCII (8x16) fonts for English, Japanese, European and Latin character. The RA8816N also integrates much powerful hardware that includes contrast adjustment, 4x5 Key-Scan and eight General Purpose I/Os.

The RA8816N is a highly integrated chip of LCD controller and driver. It reduces a lot of time for system development, and saves much cost for hardware system that due to it provides many features for related LCD display applications.


Character and Graphic Mode

8080 / 6800 8/4-bit Parallel Interface, 3-Wire/4-Wire Serial Interface

Built-in 256KB Font ROM :
 Chinese, S-JIS, English, ASCII,
 Japanese, Latin, Latin-ext A,
 Latin-ext B

Support ASCII 8x8 / 8x16 Half Size Font, 16x16 Full Size Chinese Font

Support Maximum 144 SEG x 65 COM LCD Panel. 4x9 Chinese Fonts (16x16) or 8x18 English Fonts (8x8)

Built-in 256 bytes SRAM for Create Font

Built-in 1170 bytes Display RAM and 450 bytes Scrolling Buffer

Support 1/65 Duty, 1/9~1/5 Bias Panel

Built-in 2X~4X (Voltage Booster), Voltage Regulator, Voltage Follower

Eight General Purpose I/Os (GPIO)

Built-in 4x5 Key-scan Circuit

Horizontal / Vertical Scrolling Functions

Provide 32-Steps Contrast Adjuster

Build-in RC Oscillator