RA8806A is a LCD controller for Dot-Matrix type STN-LCD which supports both character and graphic mode display. The RA8806A has built-in two Display Data RAM(DDRAM) for two layers display, and has an embedded font ROM which is capable of displaying the full-size(16x16 pixels) traditional Chinese font(BIG5, 13973 characters) or simplified Chinese font(GB, 9216 characters). RA8806A-J is one controller in this series that consisting of Kanji and Hiragana according to the JIS standard Level-1 & 2 Kanji font (6,355 characters). RA8806A also contains 4x256 embedded half-size (8x16 pixels) characters that can display ISO8859-1 ~ 4(or called Latin-1 ~ 4) alphabets using at most of English speaking and Europe countries.

RA8806A supports 8080/6800 MPU protocol interface, which is capable of switching the interface with 4-bits or 8- bits data bus. For LCD driver interface, it can be set to 4-bits/8-bits data bus. The maximum resolution of RA8806A is 320x240 pixels in normal mode, and 640x240 or 320x480 pixels in extension mode. By using the font rotation mode, which can implement the “vertical” font display. The PWM output provides an easy contrast or backlight control method for LCD panel. RA8806A also provides a 4x8(32 keys) or 8x8(64 keys) powerful and smart Key-Scan interface includes long-key function. The flexible interrupt and polling mechanism can make it easy to control touch panel, key-scan and power mode functions. Also it can greatly reduce the MPU loading. The embedded 512Byte character generation RAM (CGRAM) allows user to build maximum 16 full-size or 32 halfsize fonts. Even with the single layer display, the other unused layer can be used as CGRAM too. In this setting, the amazing 300 full-size and 600 half-size user created fonts or symbols are supported.

RA8806A is a powerful and flexible LCD controller. It provides the total solution for the middle-size mono LCD controller. User can save large amount of time for system development and the cost of hardware system.


Support text and graphics Mode

Maximum resolution: 320x240 with 2-Layers overlay display

Extension Mode: 640x240 or 320x480 with single layer

4/8-bit of 6800/8080 MPU interface and 4/8-bits driver interface

Built-In smart 8x8/4x8 key-scan circuit with programmable long key function

Support horizontal and vertical scrolling

Built-In GB/BIG5 and ASCII Font ROM

90°, 180°, 270° font and display rotation

Font enlargement and alignment function

512Byte CGRAM for user-created font

Flexible interrupt/polling mechanism for touch panel

4 gray scale display (FRC mode)

Flexible TCON Block Compatible with Most Analog Panel

Bold font and row-row interval setting

PWM for contrast or back-light control

Mode to reduce power consumption

Built-In a 5V-to-3V DC-DC converter