Quality Policy
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  • Innovation
  • Perfection
  • Service
Enhance our ability and collaborate with customers for RAiO and all our customers’ success. Provide leading-edge technology, superior quality and best service to our customers, contributing most innovative solutions and products for the electronics industry and consumer markets.
RAIO continues to create innovative technologies with practical spirit and commits on quality improvements to provide our customers with satisfying products and services, and produces the win-win solution for both our customers and our company.
ISO Certifications
Compliance Report
RoHS Compliance Report / PFOS & PFOA Testing Report 
REACH Compliance Report / Halogen Testing Report
Reliability Program
The reliability verified category of RAiO's products comprise the international universal standards, include MIL-STD -883G , IEC 60749 , IEC 60068-2 , JESD22 , EIAJ ED-4701. We implement the reliability test of our product in accordance with the sampling plan.
Green Policy
RAiO is dedicated to environmental protection and Now RAiO has already started to supply customers with environmentally friendly Lead Free devices in order to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances contained within the packaging.