LCD Controller IC of RA8876 & RA8877 Providing a Complete Solution

RA8876/RA8877 is a multi-purpose TFT-LCD Controller with flexible up to 512M-bits external SDRAM memory, and it can drive a 16.7M color LCD panel with resolution up to WXGA. The difference between RA8876 and RA8877 is that RA8876 supports CMOS type LCD interface (MIPI DPI-2) and RA8877 supports LVDS type LCD interface (FPD-Link). RA8876/RA8877 supports an 8/16-bit asynchronous parallel host bus that provided the high performance bandwidth for fast screen updates. The supported interfaces include 8080/6800 8/16-bit asynchronous parallel bus interface, I2C, 3/4-wire SPI and so on.
RA8876RA8877 also provides various integrated functions for reducing the main system's loading and building a high performance display solution, such as Multiple Display Buffers, Picture-in-Picture, Opacity control, Geometric Drawing Engine, Built-In/External Text Display, DMA, BTE and Display Rotation/Mirror functions etc.
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