LCD Controller IC of RA8876/76M & RA8877 Providing a Complete Solution

Product introducing/training modules
  RAiO has made a number of reference documents and demonstration videos. They are used for product introduction and marketing promotion. The reference data will let our customer easily realize that RA8876/76M/RA8877 is very useful for the high resolution display solution, and RA8876/76M/RA8877 can effectively reduce main system loading for the displaying task. Through high-level design example videos, and in-depth application documents with code examples, we will show you how to work with RA8876/76M/RA8877.
  RA8876/76M/RA8877 supports plenty of APIs for the firmware programming. It can be used on any 8/16/32-bit microcontrolle /microprocesser platform. Users only need to migrate the suitable APIs to their own system programming with a few display setting, and then they are able to get a high resolution and high performance display solution through RA8876/76M/RA8877. RAiO provides a detailed user guide for illustrating all of the APIs. The each API examples in the user guide will provide a detailed demonstration video on the video-sharing website, such YouTube, YouKu and so on.
Image converting tool
  RAiO provides a friendly image converting tool to help our customer to get the needed images file with RA8876/76M/RA8877. A detailed user guide is also ready to provide.
Evaluation Kit
  RAiO provides a dedicated evaluation-kit, so user can easily and immediately driving the TFT-LCD panel with RA8876/76M/RA8877 through user's own system. Besides, an we also provide an low-cost ARM-based solution board (STM32).
ARM/8051-based MCU/MPU μC shield board
  RAiO provides some low-cost μC shield boards which can be easily connected to RA8876/76M/RA8877 Ev. Board.
Window-based AP tool
  This AP (Application Program) is a specifically developed tool to emulate a basic application environment for“RA8876/76M” and“RA8877”. It is worked under Micorsoft Windows OS (WINDOWS XP/7/8). With this AP and the hardware environment provided from RAiO, user can easily control RA8876/76M/RA8877 to carry out the graphic, font, DMA, BTE and PIP functions etc. on the high resolution TFT-LCD module. In some of RA8876/76M/RA8877 functions, after user finishes the setting procedures of the AP, the AP will automatically generate a paragraph of API program in the C code dialog box. Users can migrate the related API code to their own firmware code with including the relevant RA8876/76M/RA8877's API libraries, and therefore user can develop their F/W more easily. The each manipulated examples in the user guide of this AP tool, will provide a detailed demonstration video on the video-sharing website, such YouTube, YouKu and so on. (Sample video: or )
  Completed Arduino-Lites for the entire functions of RA8876/76M/RA8877. Arduino is a famous open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone making interactive projects.
Hardware design reference
  Completed hardware circuitry for RA8876/76M/RA8877 and peripherals.